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Supergran (Tyne Tees children's series, 1985-6)

Adventures of a granny with superpowers; filmed in the North East of England featuring a number of celebrity guest stars, and largely set in the fictional town of Chisleton.

Episode 1.05 Supergran and the Super Match

Brief views of a Volvo B10M-61 with Jonckheere Jubilee P50 coachwork of Wansbeck Coaches of Ashington - It's either TJR500Y or UTN940Y:

Episode 1.08 Supergran and the TV Villains

A distant Tyne and Wear PTE Leyland Olympian:

Episode 1.10 Supergran and the Day at the Sea

Features Tyne and Wear PTE 627 (SVK627G), a Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 with Alexander body new with a roof to Newcastle Corporation. It carries Chisleton Bus Co. fleetnames. Supergran uses one of her trademark super powers to jump down from the upper deck:

Episode 1.11 Supergran and the Raid on Race Day

This time Supergran drives 627:
....and a United Automobile Bristol VRTSL3/Eastern Coachworks is glimpsed:

Episode 2.12 Supergran and the Chronic Crooner

Features Derwent of Swalwell YUP33F, a 1968 Bedford VAS5/Duple carrying 'Bogdene Transport' on its rear:
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