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The Sweeney (Thames TV crime series, 1975-8)

Definitive rugged and violent police show filmed on the streets of London.

Episode 1.05 Jigsaw:
London Transport Routemaster RM1121 (121CLT) appears on route 28:
Episode 1.08 Cover Story:
An unfortunately parked van prevents us from seeing more of this Duple Dominant bodied coach:
Episode 1.10: Stoppo Driver
Has a car chase not in Battersea as I'd believed but Windsor. Matt Sanders advises "the Bristol LS was one of the ex Royal Blue Bristol LS coaches with raised suspension, it was one of the Swagman Overland Tours operated by Norman Harris of Windsor area, the coach was then bought by Clive Cottrell and Dave Russell, a London Country driver and later bus inspector. The registration was VDV749......the buses were at Windsor coach park next to the railway line, the Sweeney Granada goes 'under the arches' and the chase is through the back streets of Windsor. The coach was later sold to a scout group I believe.
Swagman Tours was better known as Asian Greyhound, and ran between London and Nepal; VDV749 has now been preserved in its original incarnation as Royal Blue 2206. Also seen are three Bristol RELH in National Bus Company white coach livery, one with Eastern Coachworks body, the others with Plaxton Elite (thanks Dave Kat and John Hammond):
There's also an unclear appearance by a flat windscreen type Bristol VRTSL/Eastern Coachworks; it appears to be an Alder Valley example operating the former Thames Valley service between London and Reading:
Episode 1.12: Contact Breaker
An unexpected glimpse of a former BEA AEC RF airport coach:
Episode 1.13: Abduction
Distant views of a London Transport Daimler Fleetline DMS and AEC Routemaster, and a second Routemaster:
Another street scene has a Routemaster passing, then a Bedford VAS of the Inner London Education Authority:
Episode 2.01: Chalk and Cheese
Another distant DMS seen from behind:
Episode 2.04: Big Brother
A Bristol RELH/Eastern Coachworks in National Bus Company white livery:
Episode 2.05: Hit and Run
Set partly on a used car lot close to a bus garage:
In one scene a London Transport DMS Daimler Fleetline from the MLH---L batch passes on route 131; a distant red AEC RF can be seen behind turning into the garage. Gavin Cork confirms this as Kingston bus garage. The building the DMS is passing is a warehouse for Bentalls department store.
During one sequence the bus yard can be seen in the background. Visible are the back of an RT blinded for route 71 and two RFs blinded for 216. The episode was broadcast in September 1975. At that time 71 and 216 were both operated from Kingston garage (K). The DMS, incidentally, would be from AL or NB.
Episode 2.06: Trap
A pair of London Transport AEC Merlins/MCW on Red Arrow service 502:
There's also this Plaxton bodied coach in National Bus Company white, following another Merlin (not seen here), with a Routemaster in the distance:
...and we then see the Merlin:
Episode 2.08: Poppy
In-car views show several London Transport buses in service, including two DMS Fleetlines and a Routemaster:
More interesting is this glimpse of an AEC RT on driver training duty; by the mid 1970s RTs were reaching the end of their working life in London:

Episode 2.10: The Trojan Bus

Two sequences feature unique London     Transport AEC Routemaster/Weymann prototype RML3 (SLT58). It's seen first on route 52 to Neasden, and the two villains (played by George Layton and Patrick Mower) board:

Later the pair steal the same bus, seen laying over on service 266 to Old Ford.     Note the non-standard radiator seen in close-up:

Conspicuous is the rear advert 'Try out our new London Bus'
Layton winds up 'Private' (via 'N91') while Mower takes the cab.

   They arrive on route 52 in time to wind up '52 Neasden' as part of a plan to rip off an antiques dealer, and sail without stopping past an indignant bus queue.

They pick up the antiques dealer, who is then assaulted on the upper deck, but they also accidentally pick up a German tourist.     

Finally they abandon the bus, somewhat off route:

RML3 also appears in the spin-off movie Sweeney!, and was reunited with 'Sweeney' star Dennis
Waterman in the Minder episode 'In'. (thanks Kevin McGowan)

Episode 2.11: I Want the Man
A Routemaster on route 22:
Episode 2.12: Country Boy
An unknown Plaxton bodied coach:
...and a classic Routemaster view!
Episode 3.01: Selected Target
It passes too close to the camera, but this is clearly an RML class stretched Routemaster:
An AEC Merlin on Red Arrow duty in traffic:
...and another Routemaster:
Episode 3.02: In From the Cold
A distant Duple bodied coach, likely a Bedford SB or Thames Trader:
Episode 3.05: Taste of Fear
Two DMS class Daimler Fleetlines at a bus stop:
Episode 3.07: May
A Duple bodied coach, either a Bedford VAM or a Ford R, seen from behind. The cardboard in the back window might suggest it was being used by the film crew:
Episode 3.08: Sweet Smell of Succession
A brief sighting of a London Transport AEC Merlin/MCW:
Three Routemasters:
Episode 3.11: Loving Arms
An AEC Swift passing behind the Sweeney's Ford Consul:

Episode 4.01: Messenger of the Gods

London Transport DMS8 (EGP8J), a Park Royal-bodied Daimler Fleetline
is seen in close-up:

Episode 4.03: Drag Act

A scene showing various vehicles parked on rough ground includes this AEC Swift or Merlin in a blue livery. I'd be interested if anyone can provide an id.

A distant view also shows a double decker in grey and white levery:

More clearly seen, albeit incomplete in every sense, is this Bedford VAS/Duple Midland with fire damage:

....and a chase scene icludes this glimpse of a London Transport bus garage:

Episode 4.07: Bait

Distant view of a passing British Airways AEC Routemaster with trailer:

Episode 4.14: Jack or Knave

A street scene has two London Transport Routemasters and a Bedford VAS3/Dormobile school bus of the Inner London Education Authority:

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