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That's Life! (BBC consumer magazine show, 1973-94)
Helen Seamarks recalls a show circa 1983 which featured the 'Getting Britain Singing' campaign, in this case filmed at Bedford bus station, and therefore likely to have included some of the United Counties fleet. Anyone recall this?

In a 1976 feature a London Transport bus conductor offers tea and cakes to his passengers; he also plays ukelele and sings. The bus is RT935 (JXN325).

Rob Sissons observes: "I remember one circa 1985 filmed in Brighton, when a Brighton Blue Buses Leyland Atlantean had been fitted with net curtains, chandeliers and a string quartet. I think some of the seats had been removed and cafe-type tables and chairs installed. A waiter was serving drinks to the passengers. It was promoted as an attempt to make bus travel more romantic although it didn't quite work as the waiter kept spilling drinks when the bus cornered or had to pull up at a stop."
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