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Time Busters (BBC children's game show, 1993-5)
Broadcast from 1993 to 1995 and made by ex-Anglia TV producer Tim Child, this offshoot of the more successful 'Knightmare' featured David Troughton, son of second Doctor Who Patrick Troughton, and a time travelling bus. KGJ622D had begun life as a forward entrance BEA AEC Routemaster, BEA22, but was withdrawn and bought by London Transport as RMA19. It served as a staff bus at Aldenham Works and BEL Chiswick before being preserved then converted
as a hospitality bus. Allan Haynes notes "Locations included the Norwich area, the Black Country Museum at Dudley and the theme park at Poitiers, France. RMA 19 had had a top-to-toe restoration, one of the best jobs I have seen, and was fitted out as a very smart mobile home. Lounge and kitchen downstairs, bedrooms and seats at the front upstairs, and an on-board generator for light and power. The finish was immaculate, done in two-pack polymer in 1950s LT colours. Still, with the big engine and high ratio back axle it could do 60 comfortably."
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