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Tomorrow's World (BBC science magazine programme, 1965-2003)
A Centrewest M-class MCW Metrobus from route 18 was driven into the BBC studio as part of an item on the Countdown passenger information system; date unknown, but circa 1993:

"In the 1993/1994 season 'Tomorrows World' did a feature on the Leeds guided bus way using a Scania saloon fitted with guide wheels and painted in the blue 'Superbus' livery which Yorkshire Rider originally used for busway vehicles at that time it was registered K1YRL. For its TV appearance it carried Tomorrows World as a 'destination' Sadly this bus was burnt out in late 2003 either as a result of a mechanical fault or an arson attack it is now a burnt out hulk at Bramley depot and will not run again" (thanks Chris Hough)
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