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Torchwood (BBC science fiction series, 2006- )
Episode 1.1: Everything Changes
Makes much of its Cardiff setting, hence this screenshot:
and this glimpse of a Dennis Dart/Plaxton in traffic:
Episode: 1.10: Out of Time
Has a character leaving Cardiff for London by coach - but you don't see much of the coach!
Season 3: Children of Earth:
The BBC took a new tack with season three of 'Torchwood', stripping the five episodes over successive weeknights. As before use is made of the Cardiff settings, but Cardiff buses are glimpsed rather than clearly seen.

Episode 1:
This City Sightseeing Volvo B7L/Ayats open topper forms a backdrop to one scene.   
London views include Arriva London DW12 (LJ03MVZ), a DAF DB250/Wright, arriving behind London Central Mercedes Citaro artic MAL66 (BX54UCO), also an Arriva London Dennis Trident on route 159 and a second London Central Mercedes Citaro bendibus.
The show opens however with Tim Wootton's superb Bedford OB LTA750, seen in darkness in a scene set in the Scottish Highlands in 1965.
Tim provided these behind the scenes views; he doubled for John Barrowman driving the bus, and evidently the children had a great time despite the grim storyline:
Episode 5:
Harrowing scenes of children being taken from their schools by troops using four yellow school buses:
All four are Plaxton Premiere bodied Volvo B10Ms working for Edwards of Llantwit Fardre. Definitely identifiable are LM04XJT, EAZ2593, GAZ1573. Can anyone advise the fourth?
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