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Trusadh (MacTV-BBC Alba documentary series, 2008-)
Documentary series covering a variety of subjects in Scottish Gaelic, with hardcoded English subtitles.

Season 14:

Air na Busaichean (On the Buses)
A nostalgic look at buses in the Highlands and Islands, and a must-see for Bedford buffs in particular. Many vehicles are featured, mostly from years ago. Some of the photographs can be seen in John Sinclair's 2014 book Buses of Skye and the Western Isles (Amberley Publishing), so rather than reproduce all of them here, I'll advise you to click the link to that excellent publication. Mr Sinclair himself appears in the programme.
I've listed here the vehicles I've identified; there are many more to see: JS9239 (1951 Bedford OB/Duple)
2161MZ (1965 Bedford SB5/Duple Bella Vega)
[SME96 and SME 97 (1947 Bedford OB/SMT new to BEA)
GBU929 (1951 Bedford SB/Duple new to Beaton, Portree)
DST219 (1949 Austin K2 new to Lockhart, Portree)]

Seen in the museum of the Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust:

YYS174 (MacBrayne 54, a 1960 Bedford C5Z1/Duple)
SCS335M (Western Scottish 2466, a 1974 Leyland Leopard/Alexander), GCS50V (Clydeside Scottish G750, a 1980 Leyland Leopard/Alexander new to Western Scottish) and WG2373 (Alexander P169, a 1934 Leyland Lion LT5B with 1947 Burlingham body)
GUS926 (MacBrayne 136, a 1949 Maudslay Marathon III/Park Royal) and HGG359 (MacBrayne 159, a 1950 Thornycroft Nippy/Croft)
HGA983D (MacBrayne 210, a 1966 Bedford VAS1/Duple Midland)
DMS130 (Alexander NA104. a 1951 AEC Regal III/Alexander)
and behing it SMS120P (Alexander Midland MRF120, a 1976 Daimler Fleetline/Alexander)
HGM346E (Central SMT BL346, a 1967 Bristol Lodekka) and SGD500 (Glasgow Corporation A350, a 1961 AEC Regent V/Alexander)
C177VSF (Eastern Scottish ZLL177, a 1986 Leyland-DAB Lion/Alexander), LHS747V (Central SMT AH23, a 1979 Ailsa B55/Alexander) and WFS145W (Midland Scottish PE453, a 1980 Leyland Leopard/Alexander)
[TVA815 (Bedford SB1/Plaxton)
JJS17 (1961 Bedford SB1/Duple Midland
SST996 (Highland B40, a 1962 AEC Reliance/Alexander)
AGS675 (1947 Bedform MLZ/SMT)]

JS1972 (1924 Ford Model T seen in service and under restoration)
AB12HEB (Scania K360/Irizar new to Terravision but seen here with Hebridean Transport)
YJ14BDX (Bus na Comhairle B152, a 2014 Optare Solo SR) and MK63XAA (Bus na Comhairle, 2013 ADL E20D) (the third vehicle is Bus na Comhairle B128, a Plaxton Centro bodied VDL SB200)
A Leyland Leopard/Alexander under tow - new as Central SMT T344 (EGB76T), but later in life with Galson Motors, and seen here used as a bothy on the Isle of Lewis:
{DJS600D (1966 Bedford SB5/Duple Midland)
PJS10L (1972 Bedford SB5/Willowbrook)
KBE136 (1953 Bedford SB/Duple new as Lincolnshire 983)]

Bus na Comhairle MX63XAA (ADL E20D) in service:
YJ14BDY (Bus na Comhairle B153, a 2014 Optare Solo SR):
EJS222D (1966 Bedford SB5/Duple Midland)
T49JBA (Mercedes O418D Vario/Plaxton)
[JJS444 (1961 Bedford SB5/Duple Midland)
KJS555 (1962 Bedford SB5/Duple Midland)
JJS111P (1976 Bedford SB5/Willowbrook)
N479VPA (1996 Dennis Javelin/Plaxton new to Epsom Coaches but seen here with Hebridean Transport)
WGG630 (MacBrayne 36, a 1959 Bedford C5Z1/Duple)]

SSA472 and SSA 474 (1960 Bedford SB1/Duple), WAW355 (1961 Bedford SB1/Burlingham new to Whittle, Highley) and LJS500J (1970 Bedford SB5/Willowbrook):
[AJS451 (1953 Bedford SB/Duple Midland)
777DGB (1961 Bedford J4/Duple Midland)
3033PE (1964 Dodge S307/Marshall ex-demonstrator)
701RDH (1962 Bedford SB8/Duple)
ORE641 (1947 Leyland Tiger/Willowbrook)
SJH717 (1954 Bedford SBO/Duple)]

TJS136V (1980 Ford R1014/Duple, Lochs Motor Transport)
RLS466T (1979 Ford R1014/Alexander with Lochs Motor Transport, but new as Alexander Midland MT66)

[WGG825 (MacBrayne 24, 1959 Bedford C5Z1/Duple Midland)
OGB467 (MacBrayne 172, 1955 Bedford SBG/Duple Midland)
EST823E (Highland CD19, Bedford VAM5/Alexander)
GJS418M (Hebridean Transport Bedford SB5/Duple)
BMS408 (Alexander D13, a 1948 Daimler CVD6/Burlingham)
NS4745 (1961 Bedford J4/Duple Midland)
MVD268 (1956 Bedford SBO/Duple Midland)
KSC919 (Highland K87, 1953 Guy Arab II 5LW/SOL)
XGD775 (MacBrayne 41, 1959 AEC Reliance/Roe)
GUS930 (MacBrayne 140, 1949 Maudslay Marathon III with 1959 Duple body)
PGD216F (MacBrayne 159, 1968 Bedford SB5/Plaxton)
848HUS (MacBrayne 95, 1963 Bedford VAS1/Duple Northern)
GST503F (Highland CD30, 1968 Bedford VAS5/Duple Midland)
BJS769 (1955 Albion FT39AL/Strachan)
385FGB (MacBrayne 88, a 1962 Bedford VAS1/Duple Midland)]

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