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Tutti Frutti (BBC Scotland rock drama, 1987)
Highly regarded and very Scottish 1987 six parter, notable for the rock'n'roll partnership of Robbie Coltrane and Emma Thompson.
Episode 1:
These Strathclyde PTE Alexander Leyland Atlanteans are no surprise, then!
Danny McGlone (Coltrane) and Suzi Kettles (Thompson) ride this unidentified Atlantean:
Episode 2:
One of five MCW-bodied Metrobus 2s with Strathclyde:
Episode 3:
A partially seen Strathclyde Volvo Ailsa/Alexander;
Episode 6:
Another Strathclyde Atlantean:
....and we glimpse this Leyland National 2 of McGill's of Barrhead:
....followed by an Alexander bodied Clydeside Scottish single decker:
There's even a distant Clydeside Scottish AEC Routemaster!
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