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UK's Worst Journey (BBC documentary, 2003)
Circa March 2003:
Graeme Selway notes "This had two items of interest. One featured the 729 Tunbridge Wells - Brighton route that is operated jointly by Stagecoach Coastline, Arriva Kent and Sussex and Brighton and Hove where buses only serve one particular village once every day, so that you can go off towards Uckfield/Lewes/Brighton but you can't get home again! Footage featured Stagecoach Coastline Olympian 355 (as it was at the time) N355 MPN and an Arriva Kent and Sussex Northern Counties Palatine II Olympian 6210 (R210 CKO). Brighton and Hove hardly got a mention but since it's a Stagecoach journey that does serve the village in question, they probably didn't mind too much!

The other item was the Wallace Arnold story that's been in the papers in the past few months where a lady from Bexhill booked a WA coach holiday in Eastbourne and got transported all the way from Bexhill to South Mimms, changed coaches and taken down to Eastbourne, so that she arrived at her destination twenty miles from where she started but nine hours later! There were shots of various WA coaches but the only ones identifiable were YC02CHF (Volvo B12M/Sunsundegui) and W612FUM (Volvo B10M/Plaxton)."
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