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Ultimate Force (Carlton military drama series, 2002-6)
Ugly, violent vehicle for ex-Eastenders star Ross Kemp.
Episode 3.1: Deadlier Than The Male:
A Dennis Dart/Plaxton Pointer of Imperial of Rainham features early in the episode (thanks Robert Sharp for the spot!). The screencaps aren't clear, but until I can get a clearer view I believe it's K417MGN, new to R and I Tours:
Also seen as an airport courtesy bus is P942EMS, a Dennis Dart SLF/Alexander new as a demonstration vehicle for Alexanders of Falkirk:
Episode 4.4: Violent Solutions:
Open top AEC Routemaster RM408 is heavily shot up:
We should perhaps be grateful the missile - erm - misses:
Martyn Pearce provided a white and green Leyland National Greenway (LFR638W) for a different episode.
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