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The Upchat Connection (Thames TV sitcom, 1978)
1978 follow up to 'The Upchat Line' with Robin Nedwell replacing John Alderton.

Episode 3: Mystery Tour:
Mike Upchat takes over a coach tour of London complete with tourists. Unclear what the coach in background is, but the coach they board is LBH292P (Bedford VAS5/Duple Dominant) in the livery of its original owner, Ashford Luxury of Bedfont:
In one sequence the coach turns near the rear of a former Standerwick Bristol VRL coach, by then with Margo of Streatham and seen in International Coach Lines livery, which would make it either OCK71K or PRN73K
Also glimpsed is the rear of Rickards XGS738S, a Plaxton Supreme bodied Leyland Leopard.
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