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The Vice (Carlton police drama, 1999-2003)
Grim London-set drama which makes the most of its investigation of the sex trade but takes itself much too seriously.
Episode 1.03:
Hordes of Routemasters at London's Piccadilly Circus:
I have no idea what this silver coach is:
An Arriva London MCW Metrobus at Trafalgar Square, and possibly a second in an allover advertising livery?:
Back at Piccadilly Circus an Original London Sightseeing Tour open top AEC Routemaster is parked up, and a London Pride MCW Metrobus passes:
A Routemaster RML is followed by what I believe is an MM class MAN10.220/Marshall Capital:
Another London Pride MCW Metrobus, EWF467V, a former South Yorkshire PTE example:
Episode 2.01
A night shot of Metroline RML2443 (JJD443D), and a route branded London Central RML on route 12:
By way of contrast, Sheffield Supertram 105:
Episode 2.03
A distant DW class Dennis Dart/Wright Handybus
Episode 2.04
A First London ON class Leyland Olympian:
Episode 2.08
The interior of an unidentified Routemaster:
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