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Waiting for God (BBC sitcom, 1990-4)
Episode 3.10: Tell the Truth
London Centrewest MA67 (F667XMS), an Alexander-bodied Mercedes 811D, normally operated from Uxbridge garage but here seen with Wilts and Dorset fleetnames, is hijacked by old folk disgruntled at having to stand in the rain at the bus stop.
Destination reads 'Poole U5'; U5 was actually the Uxbridge Station - West Drayton Station service.
Quite why Wilts and Dorset should have been chosen for portrayal as an uncaring service provider, heaven only knows. MA67 is then used to take a woman in labour to hospital.
Not only is the fleetnumber seen, but the legal lettering proclaims it as a CentreWest bus!
"Also seen is a Ford Transit Mk 2 with 'welfare' body in yellow with white roof." (thanks Geoff Cook):
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