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The Way We Were (ITV documentary series, 2007)
Compilation of archive film on various themes, tailored to the different ITV regions of the UK, featured in the Central area a programme on transport. The first segment, on trams, features the following Birmingham trams:
513 (much footage), 514, 558, 578; 616 (Birmingham's last tram), 631, 635, 649, 654, 674, 679, 688, 753, 800, 818, 819, 823, 827, 828, 829, 835, plus a number unidentified. Much of the footage is of route 2 and route 70:
The third segment looks at Midland Red. Identifiable are:
4978 (2978HA) - BMMO D9
Possibly 3812 (NHA812) - BMMO D5B/Brush
XHA52x - BMMO D7 from the 4453-552 batch
5757 (EHA757D) - BMMO S17
4291 (UHA291) - BMMO S14
4996 (2996HA) - BMMO D9
Possibly 5404 (BHA404C) - BMMO D9
5181 (5181HA) - LS18A class Leyland Leopard/Willowbrook
4978 (2978HA) - BMMO D9
5934 (RHA934G) - BMMO S23
3814 (NHA814) - BMMO D5B undergoing overhaul
4809 (809HHA) - BMMO CM5T on express work to London (including interior shots showing the toilet!)
Another show looking at entertainment features views of a Midland Red BMMO REDD, and a Birmingham Corporation Daimler followed by another Midland Red BMMO:
The Yorkshire TV version of this series dealt with holidays in a show aired on 6 January 2005. "One segment dealt with a boys' camp run by Rotherham Corporation which showed a number of pre-war Leylands and AECs with possibly Duple bodywork, some of which were owned by Beauchief Motors of Sheffield.
A later period covered was the 1950s tours operated by Wallace Arnold. The main coaches shown were Burlingham Seagull-bodied AECs and a Plaxton bodied vehicle of indeterminate make. The old Hunslet Road Leeds depot and a number of coach interiors were also shown."

"The programme broadcast on 27 January 2005 featured various aspects of transport. Among the subjects covered was the closure of the Bradford trolleybus system, with an interview with the then chair of the transport committee in Bradford, Stanley King. He explained how normal service on the last route to Duckworth Lane ran on Friday so that enthusiasts and the general public could tour the remaining system over the closure weekend. The trolleys shown were East Lancs rebodied vehicles. A final shot showed the wiring being chopped down after the final closure.
Another film was about the police point duty men in central Sheffield in the late nineteen fifties. Many trams including a number of post war Roberts cars were seen plus a number of all-Leyland Titan PD2s of Sheffield Corporation. As a postscript a brief shot of a preserved Sheffield horse car was seen touring the system in 'Last Tram Week' in 1960.
"The episode broadcast on 26 January 2006 was about childhood. It featured several shots of trams in Sheffield, both flat and domed roof cars but no Roberts examples. A later sequence showed a Bedford OB passing the landing stage at Bowness, Windermere."
The episode aired on 3 February 2006 featured various aspects of the way people worked in the early years of the last century. A piece about ambulance crews in the Holme Valley had some shots of a Huddersfield Daimler CVG6/30./East Lancs. Later footage showed Leyland coaches owned by Feather Brothers of Pudsey transporting people on holiday. Also noted in a short about street cleaning was a Bradford tram and also a piano fronted green painted double decker, owner and vintage unknown."

Additional information from February 2007: "A recent edition featured a 1950s film of the Huddersfield trolleybus system. It featured a number of Park Royal bodied Karriers some of which were prewar with triple upper deck front windows. An opening shot showed the depot being opened up by a night watchman and the trolleys lined up inside. At the time the film was shot Huddersfield Corporation routes were all electric while the Joint Committee routes were all motor bus operated, although none of these featured in the film."
(thanks Chris Hough)
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