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Wonder Woman (Warner superhero series, 1975-9)
Thought to be the best rendition of the Wonder Woman story, lit up by the cheerful personality of Lynda Carter. The first season is set during the Second World War; seasons 2 and 3 were updated to the present day.

Episode 1.14: Wonder Woman in Hollywood
Set during World War II, this 1955 Flxible Visicoach is seen giving sightseeing tours of Hollywood. Note the graphic novel-style caption:

Episode 2.02: Anschluss '77
Nazis in South America have cloned Adolf Hitler. This Ford B-700 appears briefly as it arrives in the fictional town of Cordova:

Episode 2.09: The Man Who Made Volcanoes
Stock footage of London's Trafalgar Square features a London Transport AEC Routemaster and two Leyland RTLs, so isolder than 1977, which is when the episode is set:

Episode 2.18: Flight to Oblivion
The Hull City Howlers are a rock group who are to perform at a US Air Base. Their bus is this beast; I believe it's an Eagle Model 5:
The bad guy escapes in it, and Wonder Woman pursues him across the air base:
She attempts to stop the bus, but the bad guy keeps going, so she grabs it by the rear bumper to stop it!
Bad guy in custody:

Episode 3.01: My Teenage Idol is Missing
Two for the price of one, leaving the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Hollywood: an MCI-9 leads a Flxible New Look 'Fishbowl':

Episode 3.03: The Deadly Sting
Gridiron football, and the visiting team arrives in a GM PD-4107 with fleet number 409, decorated with a banner reading 'Visiting Team':

Episode 3.05: Disco Devil
I'd welcome an ID for either of these background motorcoaches:

Episode 3.11: Pot of Gold
Sooner or later an American show will come to London. In this case we see a mixture of stock footage, firstly two RT family buses near the Houses of Parliament, then two different Duple Dominant coaches at Heathrow Terminal 2, and the rear of a Plaxton coach:
Back at Washington National Airport we see a distant Greyhound motorcoach:

Episode 3.18: A Date With Doomsday
Wonder Woman chases a villain through an industrial area, seen here on a motorcycle with a New Look 'Fishbowl' parked in the background.
Meanwhile a woman steps down from a GMC TDH transit bus:
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