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WPC 56 (BBC police drama, 2013-)
Episode 1.01: Sink or Swim
Features preserved Birmingham Corporation 3002 (LOG302), a 1954 Daimler CLG5/MCCW.
Episode 2.01: Cry, Cry, Cry
Again features Birmingham 3002.
Episode 2.03: Eye of the Storm
....And again....
Episode 3.02: Walk the Line
Featured briefly is preserved West Bromwich 174 (GEA174), a 1952 Daimler CVG6DD/Weymann:
Episode 3.03: From the Shadows
Birmingham 3002 reappears, then we see better footage of West Bromwich 174:
Episode 3.04: The Wayward Wind
Birmingham 3002 again:
Episode 3.05: Requiem
....and again:
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