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The X Files (Fox scifi series, 1993-2002)
Episode 2.03 : Blood
Transit bus 4236 inside, 4307(?) outside. Set in the city of Franklyn, Pennsylvania.

Episode 2.22: F. Emasculata
Prisoner tries to take a bus to Toronto. Set in Virginia.

Episode 4.04: Teliko
A young student is kidnapped from a bus stop. Set in Philadelphia.

Episode 4.10:
Some action in this Marthas Vineyard-set episode takes place in a bus scrapyard. Seen is fleet number 2336. The yard is in fact the scrapyard in Surrey, British Columbia, also used in The Chronicle, Viper and Dark Angel, and the buses seen are ACF-Brill trolleybuses.
In this shot you can see the 'BC' in the BC Transit fleetnames has been scrubbed out to disguise the Canadian location.

Episode 4.17: Tempus Fugit
Vancouver trolleybus

Episode 4.19: Synchrony
Set in Cambridge, Massachusetts; a Canadian transit bus doubles for MBTA bus fleet number N4331. Downtown bus becomes N4170 (with "Pick a Winner - State Lottery" on the right side) when character gets off.

Episode 6.20: The Unnatural
Whimsical tale set in 1947 of an alien who loves baseball so much he joins and (and is the star player of) the Roswell Grays, who travel in a red/cream tour bus. There are several sequences shot both on and outside the bus. Seen briefly at a game against the Elysians is the rear of an identical bright green/cream tour bus, which could be the vehicle seen in the movie Inspector Gadget. The episode is also notable for Agent Scully's baseball lesson.

Episode 8.05: Roadrunners
Set in Joab County, Utah; bus passengers murder a man at the side of the road. The bus itself carries fleet number 112 and spends much of the episode parked in a barn.

Episode 8.09: Surekill
Set in Worcester, Massachusetts.
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