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Adler Cheese
A 1920s ex Porto Brill tram belonging to an Buenos Aires enthusiast organisation, featured in an early 1980s publicity campaign for this Argentine cheese brand. The tram also appeared in a TV film on Alfonsina Storni. (thanks Carlos Wallberg)

AM Cereal Bars
"Features a man running for a Routemaster. He fails to get aboard as when he reaches the bus the conductor nicks his cereal bar, rings the bell and the bus drives off." (thanks Graeme Selway)

American Express
Great Britain opens with a London Transport Routemaster. It features Jerry Seinfeld and another Routemaster on service 137.

A 2005 ad features Kate Winslet, and her face on the rear of a London bus, identified by Steve Way as a Sullivan Buses Plaxton President.

Anchor Butter
A 2007 advert features this Dennis step entrance singledecker - can anyone identify it?
(screencaps by stronghold)
Richard Berry queries whether this might be a New Zealand bus with Hawke body?

A 2005 ad has a brief background shot of an Arriva London double decker

Argentine Department of Transport
An advertising campaign for the Argentine National Department of Transport (CoNTA) features a bus painted all black, lettered as fictitious route 666, to promote their free phone number. (thanks Carlos Wallberg)

A 2004 US advert features smart Regional Transit Service, GMC T8J204 3011 in New York Metro livery, but actually shot on the New York Street set at Paramount Studios, California.

Chris Hough notes "an advert for Audi cars filmed in London where the other cars appear as thirsty fishes! In the background is a clearly seen Metroline lowfloor double decker vehicle. The sequence is filmed at night so further clarification is not possible."

Aunt Bessie's - Steak Pie
Featuring an escaped pet rabbit and a red Dennis Dart/Plaxton Pointer - I now believe this to be from Arriva London.

Stupid advert lampooning 'phone directory service 118 118 purports to shows one of the 118 118 runners chasing a Routemaster on route 118 to Morden Station (thanks John Hewitt)

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