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2004 ad for Bacardi rum shows a waiter missing the train and getting the bus instead - it's a silver American motorcoach, not clearly seen.

Summer 2004 advert marking sponsorship of the Premier League by Barclays Bank features legendary Newcastle United manager Bobby Robson riding a Wright-bodied Go North Eastern bus, also a number of other Premiership managers. (thanks Chris Hough)

A Barclaycard TV ad "features Jennifer Saunders aboard an orange and white Mercedes midi style coach in what appears to be South America. There are both interior and exterior shots of the vehicle.
For those old enough to remember the coach was a Matchbox toy in the 1960s at a time when Mercedes coaches were vitually unheard of in the UK"
(thanks Chris Hough)

Bank of Chile
"Bank of Chile has an ad including a scene showing a passing old trolleybus from the back." (thanks Carlos Wallberg)

Bicycle London
2007 ad features an Arriva London Dennis Dart SLF/Alexander:

The Big Issue
One scene features a man sitting on the upper deck of an AEC Routemaster.

The Big Purple One
An advert for this sweet features a giant woman bending over on board a London Transport doubledecker.

Big W
"Wasn't expecting anything so low!" - an advertisement early in 2001 for this store featured Bristol VRTSL/Eastern Coachworks KPW406L (originally Eastern Counties VR406) crashing into a low bridge. The footage was from an event staged by Railtrack in Swindon to raise awareness of the dangers of low bridges to high vehicles. (taken from correspondence on uk-bus-fleetnews discussion group)

Advertisement for biscuits takes place on a silver and yellow American motorcoach.

Boots Detox: A bleary-eyed woman who's overdone the New Year celebrations leaning on a fellow passenger's shoulder upstairs on a double decker bus.

A 2007 ad for price cuts at Boots the Chemist has this bus interior:

Borders Bookstore
A 2004 US advert features Regional Transit Service 2700, a GM T6H-4523A 'Fishbowl' new to the City of Modesto fleet.

Brian McNeill writes regarding Bedford OB AYJ 666: "This vehicle has appeared in many films and TV series but its biggest job was the BP share advert in 1987 for which it was specially painted in the BP livery of green and yellow and was seen on posters all over the country as well as the TV ads."

British Airways
A 2004 advert shows Sullivan Buses RM1069 crossing Parliament Square in the wee small hours as a man wakes up in bed in the foreground. Dean Sullivan comments: "The shot of RM1069 took place early one Sunday morning and required the closure of Parliament Square. The traffic lights were also turned off so as not to distract from the picture."
'To Fly, To Serve'
This 2011 advert harking back through the history of passenger aviation (flagged up by Bob Wingrove) is a combination of reconstruction and CGI. We see a red and white single decker, but not clearly:
Youtube 'making of' footage doesn't offer much help identifying this one!
BOAC LYF307D is a 1966 Leyland Atlantean/Metro-Cammell, and it appears twice (distantly) in one scene:
This time it is better seen in the 'making of' footage:
British Airways Sparshatt-bodied halfcab AEC Swift LLH889K makes a brief appearance alongside a Concorde:
....and the 'behind the scenes' footage shows it better:

British Gas - privatisation
A 1986 advertisement promoting the sale of shares in British Gas under the slogan 'If You See Sid, Tell Him!' features London Country AEC Regent III RT604 (HLX421).

British Telecom
An advertisement for broadband features a Hong Kong tram.
A September 2002 advert for BT's then patchily available broadband service includes a glimpse of a parked white/grey Plaxton bodied coach.
A second advert shows a (CGI) rhinoceros landing on a car and ramming the coach (an interior shot shows startled schoolchildren) leaving dents in the side. (thanks Stephen Osman)

Deregulation of telephone directory enquiries in the UK brought some utterly stupid adverts to British television. Belatedly BT got in on the act, and this ad has two Stagecoach saloons, one an Alexander ALX-bodied vehicle in the livery current in 2003, the other probably a Plaxton Pointer-bodied step-entrance Dennis Dart in the original Stagecoach livery.
A 2010 entry in a series of ads about a dysfunctional family features a Go Ahead singledecker:

Britvic J2O
"A man gets out of bed only to find that he's in a shop window. A view from the other side of the street shows a passing First London Plaxton President." (thanks Stephen Osman)

2007 cartoon advert for BUPA Healthcare has this stylised bus:

Advertisement for this Playstation 2 computer game features (apparently) a Leyland-National and Dennis Dart/Alexander (?) in Stagecoach livery, also a GM New Look transit bus.

Burger King
As a stereotypical 'foreign' tourist enters a London Burger King, there is a brief flash of a passing AEC Routemaster outside.

Butchers Dog

Terry Jones recalls a TV advert for Butchers Dog dog food featuring a visit to the seaside forLBP500, a 1949 Bedford OB/Duple, of Roberts Coaches, Plymouth, screened during the 1990s:

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