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Cadbury's Creme Egg
Features a London AEC Routemaster/Park Royal seen from behind. "The bus is RM1913 (ALD 913B) which was one of those recently brought back to the capital by TfL." (thanks Graeme Selway)

Capital Radio
"An ad for Capital Radio's Breakfast Show begins with a manic pyjama-clad Johnny Vaughn gyrating to 'Dancing in the Streets', against a backdrop of a fleet of new East Lancs-bodied Volvo B7Ls on the 9 route plus Dennis Darts emerging from what appears to be London's Stamford Brook Garage." (thanks Mark Evans)

Cadbury's Dairy Box
Bob Wingrove found this circa 1961 advert featuring an AEC RT:

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Jolly chocolate bar ad presented in the late 1970s by singer Cilla Black shot in Brighton has the rear of a Southdown Daimler Fleetline/Northern Counties in the background; then a Brighton Corporation Leyland Titan PD2 passes:

Cadbury's Double Decker Former London Transport AEC RT2275 (LYR709) was the original promotional bus; I assume this is it....
In a more recent version the doubledecker is AEC Routemaster RML2613 (NML613E) also painted purple - the driver is comedian Charlie Chuck:

Carefree Perfect Fit
"A young woman narrowly avoids being knocked down by a speeding white bus, registration 70G.312" (thanks Stephen Osman)

A man sitting in a restaurant eats a bus. The kitchen staff are seen dismantling a red AEC Routemaster.
The rear registration plate is indistinct and the front one not seen, but 86 is wound up on the side destination screen.
The ad dates from around 1989 and has comedy duo Mark Arden and Stephen Frost (alias the Oblivion Boys) revising the classic punchline 'I bet he drinks - eats - Carling Black label'.
A Carling advert that features Gary Numan's single 'Cars' also features a light blue minibus seen side on.

Cinema tickets - a 2003 advert for a cinema tickets giveaway features a green/cream MCW Metrobus.

"Two men race each other home from work in Newcastle. One travels on the Tyne and Wear Metro, the other hops onto preserved ex-Shaw Brothers Guy Arab IV/Massey UFJ292" (thanks Stephen Osman). This 1957-built Arab was originally Exeter Corporation 52. Curiously, the bus is never seen clearly in the advert screened in 2005:

Century FM
"A woman on the top deck of a bus sings along to her radio." (thanks Stephen Osman)

Channel 4
A 2008 ad for UK Channel 4's 'Watch Online' service features two lads having a boring conversation on the upper deck of Sullivan Buses MCW Metrobus M1069 (B69WUL).
The bus then takes off and performs a barrel roll through a giant burning hoop before landing on its wheels. Filming took place in North Acton. Dean Sullivan adds: "The jump was CGI of course."

Churchill Insurance The 'Challenge Churchill' series of adverts features this suitably-liveried Van Hool coach - the registration is no help in identification, it is 'OH YES' in recognition of Churchill's catchphrase. however, Martyn Pearce notes it was supplied by Westway Coaches of London.:

Clairol - Nice n Easy
A 1995 ad for hair colourant features 'Seinfeld' star Julia Louis-Dreyfus turning a doubtful woman bus passenger blonde in seconds on board New York RTS 7354.

Clarks Shoes
A 2003 advert shot in London has an AEC Routemaster out of focus in the background.

Cliff Richard and the Shadows - The Best of the Rock'n'Roll Pioneers This 2019 music compilation was announced by a TV advertisement including this disappointing shot:

Advert marking the launch of a new woman's magazine shows a woman and a man on the upper deck of an AEC Routemaster.

Christmas 2006 ad for the electrical superstore has a yellow cartoon Routemaster:
(which was still appearing in Christmas 2007 ads)
Compaq - 32 Bits of a Bus A long running series of Compaq UK TV adverts in the late 1980s starred John Cleese. This one made use of a computing pun and featured 32 bits of a (Routemaster) bus:

Complete Clapton Advert for this album by guitar hero Eric Clapton is enlivened by a Metroline Plaxton President-bodied 'decker:

Frank reports an ex West Midlands PTE Park Royal bodied Daimler Fleetline is featured quite heavily. Both John Andrews and Dave have confirmed it's 4133 (YOX133K). One in an irritating series of adverts for insurance featuring a supposedly cute robot shows 'Brian' on the way to being crushed. Unexpectedly, also on the conveyor belt is registration plate LN4743, which is more properly to be found on AEC B-type B43, preserved in the Imperial War Museum:

Crime Prevention
Part of a UK crime prevention campaign: "A man in a shop has his car broken into and chases the thief down the street. The thief then escapes on Sullivan Buses AEC Routemaster RM1069 (69CLT) operating on route 8." (thanks Stephen Osman)

Noel Baxendale recalls this public information film starring a young Patsy Palmer, better known for her appearances in 'Eastenders'.   group of youths get off Grey Green 493 (GND493N), which was previously Greater Manchester Transport 7433. it's a 1974 Daimler Fleetline with Northern Counties bodywork. Jon Price adds: "the only place I can think of where United Counties and Invictaway services may have met (except Victoria) with LT buses parked in the background is the bus station at Aldgate Minories and from memory the stands pictured look like those at Aldgate."
The bus station has two London Transport buses parked up - can anyone identify it? - the references to United Counties and Invictaway (Maidstone and District) are a clue:

Crossing the Road - Explorers
Features London Transport Leyland Titan STD72 (DLU382) and an STL (thanks Bob Wingrove)

Cussons Imperial Leather
A 1994 ad has comedian Paul Merton sitting on an unidentified single decker bus seen only from inside.

Cycling Proficiency Test
Features London Transport Leyland Titans RTL1310 (LYR958) and RTW80 (KGK580), also AEC Routemaster RM230 (VLT230) (thanks Bob Wingrove)

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