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Fairy Liquid
"Advert with TV chef Ainsley Harriot on the film set for a western features a converted bus in use as a mobile catering unit" (thanks Stephen Osman)

Family Credit
This UK Government advertisement features a Preston Dodge/Northern Counties minibus. (thanks Andy Richards)

Soft drinks advert has a group of children on a CGI bus.

Fiat Punto
A London doubledecker passes in the background of a scene on a filling station forecourt to the tune of the Human League's 'Don't You Want Me?. It's an Arriva bus in the London 'cows horns' livery (thanks Stephen Osman)

First Aberdeen
"I did a work experience with First Aberdeen in March 1998, only weeks after the company had been renamed from Grampian Transport Ltd. and while rebranding into First corporate was still under way. From what I recall, the company had some TV adverts produced then, which were to be shown on local television. I can't recall the exact number of different adverts, but I think it must've been something between one and three. One I remember seeing was filmed inside a low floor bus with FirstGroup corporate interior. First Aberdeen only took delivery of their first buses in this configuration (Dennis Dart SLF with Plaxton Pointer 2 bodies) shortly afterwards, but it must've been some other vehicle, most likely one Wright-bodied Scania or Volvo that had been in Aberdeen for taking promotional photos a few
weeks or months guess is that is was an R-reg vehicle from either First Glasgow or First Edinburgh."
(thanks Stefan Baguette)

First Direct
David Colin recalls an advertisement featuring an AEC Routemaster: "I drove a Ted Brakell owned RM in an advert for First Direct Bank. The filming took place on Good Friday 1990 and involved driving from Wandsworth Common around south west and central London to get as many landmarks in the background as possible. About 40 people were involved and the bus interior was dismantled to get everything on board. External and internal shots were taken but the result was a 15 second ad showing no more than 2 elderly ladies, sitting on the top deck of a bus, discussing how they had not understood the recent First Direct billboard advert which had simply shown a bucket full of sand. I collected the bus from the store near Maidstone at 5.00 am and arrived back at about midnight."

Flash Ultimate Orange
Advert for kitchen cleaner has the long running 'star' Pete (Karl Howman) journeying on holiday to Greece in a white coach.

Ford Focus Edge
Dean Sullivan advises that the two buses seen in this late 2003 advert filmed near Newbury are Sullivan Buses AEC Routemaster RM1069 (69CLT) and (behind a hedge) Leyland Titan T85 (CUL85V). "1069 can be seen from the rear showing Piccadilly Circus. They also wanted to show route 19. I spent a hour rummaging through my collection to get a full rear set and none of it was used. A freshly repainted T85 can be seen parked behind a hedge (I assume it was to block something). No reason for the bus other than that."

In the same week as this was filmed, RM1069 spent two days filming with Eastenders.

Foxy Bingo
Lodges Coaches of High Easter provided MJB481, a 1956 Bedford SBG with Duple Vega coachwork, for this cheeky advert:

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