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Magic Radio/TV
A September 2004 advert featured Sullivan Buses ELV1 (EL04SUL), an East Lancs-bodied Volvo B7 (thanks Dean Sullivan)

Magners Cider
Part of a quirky advertising campaign is this story of a beekeeper seen travelling by bus wearing a beard of bees! Steve suggested it's a Bristol RE from either Australia or New Zealand, but David Charlton has identified it as a Volvo B10M with Custom Coach bodywork new to Brisbane Coach Lines but seen here with Murphy's Buses:

Stephen Osman notes a bonnetted Morris bus in Jamaica.

A 2009 ad features preserved Royal Blue 2351 (837SUO), a 1964 Bristol RELH6G/Eastern Coachworks:

Marks and Spencer
Two 2006 adverts merit inclusion here: the first features the legendary Twiggy and a group of models - and Blue Triangle's open top AEC RT3435 (LYR854)
The second has a group of children, this time boarding a yellow open top RT. Can anyone identify?

Malcolm Rennie recalls "In the (probably early) 1960s, in the Mars Bar TV advert campaign 'A Mars a day helps you work rest and play' the theme was workers doing different jobs. I am sure that one was a bus driver on the London Transport skid pan with a view of one of the rear wheels of the RT trainer bus lifting off the ground before landing back down heavily. This was the first time I had seen the skid pan and I was horrified."

A Metroline AEC Routemaster/Park Royal is seen in Oxford Street.
US TV advertisement for this online dating agency features a blue red and silver bus fleet number 6227 (thanks Geoff Cook)

McCain Frozen Chips
Features a blue early Duple Dominant coach used as a school bus. (thanks Chris Hough)

McCain Oven Chips
A mobile 'phone rings unanswered on a seat aboard a London Leyland Titan doubledecker. An evocative scene - exterior and interior views are of Sullivan Buses T889 (A889SYE) filmed in Uxbridge (thanks Dean Sullivan)

McDonalds - Egg McMuffin
A 2004 US advert, part of the 'I'm Lovin' It' campaign features Regional Transit Service 2700, a GM T6H-4523A 'Fishbowl' new to the City of Modesto fleet.

Glimpsed in the background of a 2006 UK advert is this Bristol VRT/Eastern Coachworks
A 2009 advert features a woman sitting downstairs on Sullivan Buses Metrobus M1069 (B69WUL) - as it's an interior view only, many thanks to Dean Sullivan for the id!
McVities Jaffa Cakes
A 2011 advert features Ensign Bus DMS33 (EGP33J), formerly with London Transport but now an opentopper:

Mecca Bingo
Overhead shot of a Dennis Dart/Plaxton Pointer outside a Mecca Bingo Hall - looks like a First

Mellow Birds
Chris Hough recalled an advert featuring the Royle Family's Caroline Aherne winning the Lottery and boarding a bus.
Noel Baxendale confirms it as an ad for Mellow Birds Instant Coffee, and the bus as Greater Manchester Buses
Volvo Citybus 7001 (H701 GVM. "It opens with her saying something like 'When I won the lottery I wondered how it would affect me', then cuts to her standing at a bus stop with her hand out as the bus comes along. The advert then continues with her sitting on the upper deck."

Microsoft Windows XP
One of the launch advertisement for Windows XP features a red/purple open top double decker right at the beginning.

Milk: Lotta Bottle
This catchy campaign featured a London Transport RT on skidpan training:
In the background are Routemasters, Metrobuses, a Leyland-National and maybe a Titan, but identifable is M288:

Milky Way
Chocolate bar advert with a left-hand drive bus. (thanks Dave Farrier) - more information needed.

Milton Keynes
In 1985 a United Counties Leyland-National (therefore likely to be from United Counties) appeared in an advertisement for the city of Milton Keynes. (thanks John Upton, who eventually located this on YouTube!)

Set in London; a Metroline doubledecker is glimpsed.

Morrisons Supermarkets
Ex-London Transport AEC Routemaster/Park Royal RM1414 (414CLT), supplied by the Museum of Transport, Manchester, appeared in an advert for Morrison's Supermarkets in a campaign that involved people carrying or rolling huge coins. (thanks Paul Williams)
2007 Valentine's Day ad features an unidentified Scania single decker

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