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National Bus Company

Chris Hough enquires whether anyone remembers "an advert for the NBC in the late sixties when the poppy red and leaf green liveries were introduced? It featured one bus from each constituent company and included such gems as West Yorkshire Bristol FS Lodekkas and the slogan 'Together we can really go places'."
Kim Rennie adds "This was in the early/mid-1970s (after all the corporate livery was only devised circa 1972). I believe one of London Country's SM-class single deckers was specially delivered in NBC green to appear in this, unlike the rest of the batch which were dark green with yellow waistbands. The location was almost certainly an airfield or possibly some sort of vehicle testing site." Any more information?

National Express
A 1981 advert for National Express featured an animated Leyland Leopard/Plaxton and a cheeky frog:

National Health Service - If You Knew About 'Flu You'd Get the Jab
An odd ad - an elderly man sits downstairs on an AEC Routemaster.
(screencaps by stronghold)

National Lottery

An advert for a daily version of the UK National Lottery features Delaine, Bourne 136 (AD03OCT) driving through a puddle next to a bus stop.
This photograph shows 136 (left) at Showbus 2003 at Duxford.
In another ad a hapless young lady goes through several misadventures before being splashed by a passing bus. Ian Hardie identifies the Dennis Dart as K831OKH of Imperial of Essex, new as London Buses DRL31; Steve Bunce saw the advert being filmed in Uxbridge in West London: "The street is Old Windsor Street, no buses run on this road and the bus is not a local one. Behind the church at the top of the shot is Uxbridge Underground Station with access for emergency vehicles only to the Bus Station."
James Sadd notes the use of Redroute Buses C670LJR, a Leyland Olympian/Eastern Coachworks new to Northern General, in advertising for the Lottery's sponsorship of the Richard and Judy magazine show.

Nationwide Building Society
Spotted by Paul Jones: London Transport Metrobus/MCW M324 (EYE324V), "which appeared in a advert for Nationwide Building Society a few years ago. The advert was promoting wearing your football shirt to work for charity. It featured a group of bus passengers waiting at a shop all wearing Arsenal shirts and then the bus (M324) comes along but doesn't stop. It then shows a Spurs fan driving the bus laughing to himself." [for the benefit of overseas readers, in fact anyone outside North London, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur are rival Association Football clubs] "The ad also appeared in the BBC1 show 'Ruby Wax's Commercial Breakdown' which features funny TV ads from across the world."

Nat West Bank
Features a London Metrobus, possibly privately-owned M443 (suggested by Keith Nason on the LondonBus discussion group)

A Christmas 2007 advert features an AEC Routemaster RML with 'City Centre' and route 25 on the front. It has Edinburgh destinations along its side.


Run London
Black and white advert features a cartoon runner and an open top AEC Routemaster.

An October 2002 advert features a dark blue transit bus, a grey coach and a maroon coach carrying Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson and three Manchester United players. It's unclear where the advert was shot.

A basketball player gets off an LA Metro transit bus.

A young man runs and fails to catch a New York Fishbowl.

The tale of a man chasing a runaway hotdog stand features several trams, a yellow transit bus and a pack of barking dogs - country unknown. Adrian Badaraco notes these are Carris vehicles, and the location is Lisbon in Portugal.

Nissan X-Trail
Urban marathon race somewhere in the world (Brazil?) in which the runners are following the Nissan 4 x 4 X-Trail through increasingly difficult terrain. In one scene a blue transit bus passes overhead on a bridge. (thanks Stephen Osman)

Night Nurse
Various parts of an AEC Routemaster are seen at night in the rain.

In a glimpse of the future, a young woman scares herself silly watching a horror film on her mobile 'phone sitting on a Parisian Saviem singledecker, fleet number 5833. The film is 'Black Sabbath', made by by cult Italian horror director Mario Bava in 1963.

Norwich Union

Keith Nason asked about an advert for Norwich Union Insurance made in the 1970s. This featured 39 single deckers from different National Bus Company operators. Leyland-Nationals, Bristol REs and Bristol LHs were used:
The only registration plate identifiable from the Youtube footage I have seen is for Lincolnshire Road Car's 1033 (WFE678M), a Bristol LH6L/Eastern Coachworks:
The closing scene features an open top Bristol Lodekka FLF:

Chris Hough notes a Norwich Union campaign for personal insurance cover features occasional East Ender Ross Kemp almost mown down by a passing bus, a Dennis Dart/Plaxton of Imperial. It appears to be the one previously used in the National Lottery advert filmed in Uxbridge.

In February 2004 this newly launched lads' magazine was being promoted on television. One ad featured an article on Australian motorcycle jumper Lawrence Legend, showing him jumping over a line of motorcycles using a Sydney double decker bus, probably an AEC Regent, althought it would be good to get confirmation!

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