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In one entry in a long series of ads celebrity chef Jamie Oliver rides with his gran downstairs on a London Transport AEC Routemaster.
In another Oliver steps off a Routemaster talking on a mobile 'phone.

Sam - Ice Cream Van
1966 UK Public Information Film filmed in Chelsea features unidentified London Transport RTs. (thanks Bob Wingrove)

Sci Fi Channel UK
Trailer for a 2002 convention features several London buses, including two Routemasters and a Metrobus.

A 2009 trailer features Selkent 34387 (LX03BZV), a 2003 Transbus Dart SLF/Plaxton Pointer.

Seat Arosa
"The end scene of this ad shows a European city bus" (thanks Stephen Osman)

Shell - Sammy Sings Shell
An early 1960s ad made by Sammy Davis Junior in London briefly features a coach, possibly a Bedford SB/Plaxton (found by Bob Wingrove, who supplied the screencap:

Sky Digital
Vinnie Jones is the cab driver, Helen Baxendale is the fare; a London Transport AEC Routemaster is glimpsed outside.

Sky Digital ringtones
A young man boards (and gets off) a London M-class MCW Metrobus.

Sky Sports - League Cup Final 2003
"A recent ad on Sky for the League Cup Final coverage featured background shots of what appeared to be Oxford Road Manchester with a Magic Bus vehicle and a Stagecoach low floor Alexander bodied 'decker." (thanks Chris Hough)

Smirnoff - Lyriquid Perfection
One of several 2003 Christmas adverts opens with a Stagecoach double decker passing the camera.

Social Care
An ad for the virtues of a career in social care features a Croydon tram:

Somerfield Megadeals
"A woman at a bus stop is passed by a red Routemaster with London Transport names after which she has suddenly gained several bags of shopping and starts to laugh." (thanks Stephen Osman)

Sony Cybershot
Digital camera advert has a bus passenger taking photographs of a woman drinking bottled water on the street. The sprinkler behind her head makes it appear that she is leaking! (thanks Stephen Osman)

A red Leyland Atlantean(?) with Far Eastern specification windscreen (computer generated?)
A 2009 ad showing Specsavers ads being destroyed or defaced features preserved London Transport Daimler Fleetline DM1052 (GHV52N) and Leyland Titan T1 (THX401S) (thanks Richard Miles).

1976 UK Public Information Film features an unidentified Bedford VAM/Plaxton in green and cream livery. (thanks Bob Wingrove)

Staffordshire University
"Greater Manchester Transport Leyland Atlantean 8765 (A765NNA) featured briefly in an advert for Staffordshire University shown in the Granada TV region during 2005. It carried the 'tomato soup' livery of its final operators First Manchester, but by this time was owned by the SELNEC Preservation Society." (reported separately by Anthony and Noel Baxendale)

A 2007 TV ad on Channel M features two talking Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 double deckers:
A 2008 campaign for Stagecoach uses lowbrow humour to promote the company as the 'Bus of Britain' - again featured is an Alexander Dennis Enviro 400. (thanks Amanda). There are three separate ads featuring stereotyped passengers:
Gail Windybottom, environmental campaigner:
Harold Hooterson, mad scientist:
Tanya Brown, who just loves her sunbed:

Stored for the Duration
A short public information film about putting your car back on the road after the Second World War features two London Transport Daimler CWA6 and a tram:
(screencaps by Bob Wingrove)

Supersafe with SuperTed
A 1970s road safety advert featuring cartoon hero SuperTed, and still listed as available by the DTLR website.

"It was set outside Cardiff Castle on Castle Street with children crossing behind a bus. The bus in question was a 1966 Alexander bodied Guy Arab V." (thanks Roger Holmes).

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