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Talk Talk Sponsor's ads between segments of Big Brother 5 on Channel 4 featured a Bova Futura coach 'touring the country', but never seen from the front! (thanks Stephen Osman)
Talk Talk - Model Britain Charming advert set in a model village (the reaction of the model street sweeper when full size leaves fall on the bit he's just swept is priceless) includes this shot of a model bus:

Teletext Holidays
Noted almost simultaneously by myself and Graeme Selway: one of the adverts in a 2003 campaign features an unidentifiable blue Plaxton Elite-bodied coach.


Tesco Visa Card
One of a series of Tesco advertisements starring Prunella Scales and Jane Horrocks shows a coach trip to a stately home. The coach is two-tone blue but not shown clearly.

Hairbrush Divas
This ad for a compilation music CD features a woman singing on the upper deck of a London Metrobus.
Sullivan Buses DT4 (G504VYE, Dennis Dart/Duple Dartline) features briefly in a 2004 ad in the long-running series with Prunella Scales. (thanks Dean Sullivan)
A 2008 ad featuring diminutive magician Paul Daniels also features Sullivan Buses VPL174 (X157JOP), a Plaxton President-bodied Volvo B7TL. (Thanks Dean Sullivan)

A 2003 advert shows trees growing around and through a London MCW Metrobus!

Tic Tac
A 2006 ad features a man being helped by his Tic Tac sweets to catch a bus: a fleetname-free ex-London Transport Routemaster RML2487 (JJD487D)

Tim Hortons
An advert for this Canadian coffee shop chain features interior and exterior shots of Oakville Transit 724, a 1972 GM T6H-5306 New Look, seen here in an all-blue version of Oakville's standard livery. (Photograph by Felix Tse)

T-Mobile - MixIt
Mobile 'phone advert featuring a green and cream MCW Metrobus and two green AEC Routemasters.
2009 ad latching onto the social networking trend features cheerleaders, a band, lots of enthusiastic young people, and an open topper driving around London. It's not however your usual ex-London Transport bus, it's Leyland Titan PD2 CTF826B, formerly Lytham 68:
Set in London; a Metroline doubledecker is glimpsed.

Tranzit Coachlines/Ritchies Transport
In 2002 New Zealand operators Tranzit Coachlines and Ritchies Transport Holdings advertised their combined Intercity bus services on television. The ad features an unidentified Volvo B12/Designline touring the country with smiling and singing passengers. (thanks Bryce Pender)

Turning Right
1965 UK Public Information Film has glimpses of London Transport RMs and RTs (thanks Bob Wingrove)

TV Times
A 1970 television advertisement for a TV Times special magazine featuring the On The Buses TV comedy unexpectedly showed a RED cartoon bus instead of the green one used in the credits for the show itself. Credit to Bob Wingrove for discovering and researching this clip:

Tyne Tees Seatbelt Campaign
1972 UK Public Information Film features many Tyne and Wear PTE Leyland Atlanteans (thanks Bob Wingrove)

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