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Walkers Crisps
A 2008 entry in the long-running and occasionally amusing strand featuring former footballer Gary Lineker caused offence in some quarters. This pastiche of Cliff Richard's 'Summer Holiday' shows Lineker driving an RML-class AEC Routemaster (with the handbrake still on). While he's enjoying a packet of Walkers crisps he inadvertently deroofs the bus under a low bridge. The resulting outrage led to Walkers apologising and recutting the advert. In the original version, the registration plate is not seen in its entirety; in slow motion it can be seen that the window pillars upstairs were deliberately weakened to ensure the roof would come off. In the recut version more of the bus is seen, and the registration plate CUV350C (ergo RML2350). Reportedly two buses were used in filming, and one was deroofed.

Walking With Beasts BBC trailer for the series of the same name features interior and exterior views of preserved Blackpool Corporation Leyland Titan PD3/12 518 (HFR518E), supplied by Chepstow Classic Buses. (thanks Andy Richards and Paul Turner).

Water A 1989 ad for the water companies of England and Wales includes footage of a London Transport MD-class Scania Metropolitan:

A London Transport Leyland Titan TN is seen in the background as a woman parks a Landrover Discovery in an impossibly tight spot.

West Midland PTE
Central Television used to carry advertisements for West Midland Passenger Transport Executive, introduced by 'Wumpty', who if I recall correctly was an animated season ticket. ( anyone's memory better than mine?) Meantime, another ad showed travellers using outlandish ways of getting to work, for example a camel, pogo stick, penny-farthing, pedal car......whereas the sensible way to go is with West Midlands Travel:
The bus seen here is a MCW Metrobus Mark 2:

Wind-eze Gel Caps
Stephen Osman notes: "A woman suffering from indigestion travelling on the lower deck of a London bus has her seat turn into something resembling a cross between an armchair and a beanbag. At the end of the ad the rear of the (same?) bus is shown as it moves away from the camera displaying a super rear advert for the product on a pale blue background." Stephen identifies the bus as Arriva London North DBS14 (R213CKO), a DAF DB250/Northern Counties Palatine 2. The bus is operating on Route 141.

Wrigleys Spearmint Gum
1992 ad shown in the UK has an MCI of 'The Westerner' on a cross-country US express service, destination illegible; a young man and a young woman spilt a strip of Wrigleys gum between them (cheapskates)

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