Useful Links

A selection of relevant websites for you to check out:
Leon Daniels - blog by Transport for London's Managing Director, Surface Transport.
Regional Transit Service - Scott Richards is a long time US supplier of movie buses
Sullivan Buses - Dean Sullivan is a long time supplier of buses for movies, television and adverts - huge website with all sorts of information about British films.
The Internet Movie Database - the classic source of information on television and movies.
The Internet Movie Cars Database - the authority on appearances by cars, trucks and buses in films and TV.
London Bus Routes - Ian Armstrong's histories of London bus routes.
London Bus Routes - Robert Munster's look at London's current bus routes, operational details, operators and garages.
Ian's Bus Stop - Ian Smith's histories of London bus classes back to the 1920s.
Bus Lists on the Web - Brian Girling's detailed guide to UK buses and their registration plates.