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Walk Away
Brief glimpses of the side of a London AEC Routemaster, and a T-class Leyland Titan from behind on route 8.

Beat Mama
Two buses carry people to a party in the desert; one is a green/cream GM Old Look with fleet number 251, the other may be a Silversides, but the lighting is poor.

Catatonia - Mulder and Scully Catatonia's 1998 hit single 'Mulder and Scully' features the band travelling on Buddens/Phoenix SJI8115, a Van Hool bodied Scania K113 band bus:
The X-Files element of the story is that the bus gets shrunk to toy size:

Tracy Chapman - Telling Stories Features one of the GM New Look buses that survived the making of 'Speed'. Scott Richards notes on the GMFishbowl Yahoo group: "I am surprised to see it can even move any more with all the bulkheads cut. We had to cut the majority of the bulkheads to add power steering lines and other hydraulic lines for whatever that particular bus was set up for."

Charlie XCX - Break the Rules Features a used and abused International S1700 school bus:

Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl
Opens with a young girl on board an unidentified coach.

Cher - Walking in Memphis
Much of the video sees Cher sitting on the steps of an American motorcoach, but we don't see much of it - in a brief scene she is seen boarding it.

Jimmy Cliff - Higher and Higher
Has a glimpse of a bus in Kenya, taken from the 1994 Kevin Bacon movie 'The Air Up There'.

Phil Collins - Take Me Home Released 1985; features several scenes of Collins standing by his Ford Prefect against a backdrop of London traffic. A close up features three RMs and a DMS (no Metrobuses). Also seen is a white blue and red Duple Dominant II coach (possibly lettered for 'Nuneaton Coaches'). Another features the rear end of a parked white Jonckheere Jubilee-bodied coach parked alongside Big Ben. In front of it is a grey/blue double-decker with a white stripe (looks like a DMS). The video involves Phil visiting various tourist attractions arond the world, but the London segments are the only ones with buses; however, Collins is also seen riding on San Francisco cable car 49. (thanks Adam Floyd)

Counting Crows - Hanging Around
Features former Southern California Rapid Transit District 7728, a Grumman Flxible 870 supplied by Regional Transit Service:

Creed - My Sacrifice
A scene from this video has the band sitting on school bus 506, which is decorated with (lit) candles. Daniel Dey provided this screencap and believes it's an International Harvester S-Series built between 1978 and 1990:

Miley Cyrus - Start All Over The alter ego of Disney Channel 'star' Hannah Montana is seen walking through an International S-1800 school bus with Thomas body;
(screen capture by Daniel Dey)

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