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Avril Lavigne - I'm With You
"There is a bus visible in one of the street shots in this music video. (Incidentally, there is also a subway train visible in another scene - it looks like a Toronto subway car. Avril Lavigne is Canadian, after all.)" (thanks Andrew MacKinnon)

Lemonheads - Mrs Robinson
No great surprise that this Simon and Garfunkel cover features clips from The Graduate, including the bus......

The Lightning Seeds - Three Lions '98
"Has shots of two coaches, LAG Panoramic G484 KBD and Jonckheere L949 NWW (Ralphs Coaches), the latter also being used for internal shots." (thanks Ken Lansdowne)

Limp Bizkit
Shot in New York, this video opens with a charter bus with fleetname Suburban, either an MCI-9 or an MCI-12 (thanks Daniel Dey, who provided the screencap)

Home Sweet Home
Lee notes a couple of large grey buses - identified by Geoff Cook as Prevost tour buses.

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