There are now several newsreel archives available to view on the Web.
Of particular interest are these:
British Pathe News also has a Youtube presence.

British Movietone also has a Youtube presence.

Associated Press also has a Youtube presence.

The footage that can be viewed online is of limited quality, therefore registrations and fleet numbers listed here may be inaccurate.

Newsreel # Newsreel A Newsreel B Newsreel C Newsreel D Newsreel E
Newsreel F Newsreel G Newsreel H Newsreel INewsreel JNewsreel K
Newsreel L Newsreel M Newsreel N Newsreel ONewsreel PNewsreel Q
Newsreel R Newsreel S Newsreel T Newsreel UNewsreel VNewsreel W
Newsreel X Newsreel Y Newsreel Z