Scottish BBC 2 comedy sketch show occasionally bordering on bizarre, written, directed and starring Brian 'Limmy' Limond as himself as various characters in odd situations.

Series 1, Episode 5 features a very drawn-out character named 'Dee Dee' on a bus wondering why a man in a suit has orange peels in his pocket. A cutaway to a few minutes before, where in 'Dee Dee's mind, the man eats one of many oranges he has handy while waiting for a bus, reveals that they are travelling on is McColls of Dumbarton's 3032 (M395 JGB), a 1995 Volvo Olympian new to Dublin Bus as their RA236 (95-D-236).

Series 2, Episode 7 (I think) features 'Dee Dee' happening upon a bus to the Glasgow district of Yoker (actually filmed at Queens Quay in Clydebank), noting that Yoker is "one of these places [he] only know from the front of a bus" and that the district is "this pure fabled land that sounds like a pure mad egg yolk", spending five minutes there, then fleeing in terror on the bus in the nick of time as it leaves Yoker.

Here, in this sketch, the bus to Yoker - which does not display a route on its LED display - is portrayed by McColls' Olympian 3017 (M345 JGB), new to Dublin Bus as their RA233 (95-D-233) - the Dublin Bus fleet number is visible in an internal shot. Another Olympian is parked ahead, passengers getting off of it and onto 3017 due to a "breakdown", as 'Dee Dee' claims, though the fleet number is not visible.

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