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Seven Days to Noon (1950, Barry Jones, Andre Morell)
The authorities have seven days to find a professor who has threatened to blow up London; there are many general street scenes, often including London AEC Regent STLs:
An interesting view shows a new Leyland Titan RTL and what is either an AEC Regent ST or an LT-class AEC Renown, either of which would be at the end of its life with London Transport:
The third bus in the line, when visible, is an AEC STL:
This is a passing Green Line 10T10 AEC Regal/Weymann:
Posters of the scientist are everywhere, and in one sequence he sees his face on the front of an STL:
Towards the end of the movie London has to be evacuated and an assortment of buses appear. Bob Wingrove notes: "general scenes, RT, RTL, LT, STL, 10T10 AEC Regal, Bedford OWBs, Leyland PS1/Duple LPH998, Crossley SD42 NPX694, London Transport buses ST286 (GJ7970), STL341 (AXM604). There were also several other buses that I just did not have chance to identify."
Colin Read notes that the evacuation scene features a line up of three London Transport STLs and two RTs:
"then the best sequence of all - in this or indeed any film of this type - when two elderly vehicles (ST286 and STL341) feature for almost a minute of screen time. The conductor is shown standing on the platform of the STL,
and then we see the ST, and the STL following, from the nearside.
Both buses are then seen turning towards the camera. The decrepit state of both vehicles can easily be seen.
It is possible that both buses had been withdrawn and were loaned to the film company prior to scrapping. Some filming was done in Kennington. ST286 (GJ7970) and STL341 (AXM604) were part of the Special Events Fleet."
Ian's Bus Stop records both as withdrawn from service September 1949.
Several of the singledeckers seen with these AECs are in the livery of W S Hunt of Leatherhead. W S Hunt L3 (LPH998) is well seen; it's a Whitson-bodied Leyland Tiger PS1:
This is Hunts B1 (JPK880), a 1943 Bedford OWB with utility body:
W S Hunt C3 (NPX694) is seen in traffic; it's a Crossley SD42:
Bob Wingrove also found a photograph from filming of Bedford OB MPB550 of Warners and Tilling-bodied AEC Regent ST887 (GJ2063) in the Hulton Archive (serial number HN8430). From this I believe the ST seen here alongside the Crossley in this view is ST887:
This is also a W S Hunt vehicle, but it's unclear which:
....and several rears are seen; this is Essex County Coaches TMK430, a 1948 Bedford OB/Duple:
This is possibly too indistinct to identify:
Essex County Coaches MMP814, a 1946 Duple bodied Bedford OB:
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